Project Description

The VlcDotNet libraries provide the audio/video control of the VLC Media Player for Windows Forms, WPF, and Silverlight 5. Now you can stream audio and video in C# and VB.NET!

You can see how to use it on the Documentation page.

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Format Compatibility 

VlcDotNet has the same compatibility as VLC Media Player. See here for the list of supported formats.


The new version is available here for .

April 18, 2014:

  • The new version add and correct many features :
    • Correction : #7743 - Not all DLLs unloaded on Dispose
    • Correction : #7687 - PInvokeStackImbalance with .NET 4
    • Correction : Difference between source and release

April 19, 2012:

  • I'm focusing on the WinForm control and I'm working on a new implementation for it which:
    • Doesn't need to invoke the UI thread on each Vlc action and events
    • Can now provide long action on Vlc media position changed event (next same event will be synchronize with the current position)
    • Will provide the new implementation of logging with the future Vlc versions
    • More stability
    • ...
  • If you have some requests on the Winform control, feel free to let me know
  • Also, for documentations and samples, I'm looking for some screenshots of POC with Vlc.DotNet
  • Many thanks for your help!

Nov 22, 2011:

  • The new version contains Silverlight 5 library: Vlc.DotNet.Silverlight. A sample could be tested here
  • The new version add and correct many features :
    • Correction : Reinitialize some variables
    • Deprecate : Logging API, since VLC 1.2 (08/20/2011)
    • Add subitem in LocationMedia (for Youtube videos, ...)
    • Update Wpf sample to use Youtube videos
    • Many others corrections

July 20, 2011:

  • Change in MediaBase class :
    • Remove 'Media' prefix on events
    • Added Metadatas
    • Changed TrackInfos properties
  • Fix freeze on stop
  • Fix Memory leaks for Wpf control
  • Add ErrorHandling
  • Few fix

June 29, 2011:

  • Few bugfix and memory leaks fix available on latest source code (no new version for the moment)

May 17, 2011:

  • A lot of additions and corrections... view changes on download page.

May 11, 2011:

  • Correction : WPF application could crash/stop sometimes
  • Correction : WPF OutOfMemory due to BitmapSource
  • WPF Sample : Viewport3D sample :-)

May 10, 2011:

  • Add Audio Introps for media player
  • Add AudioProperties to VlcControl :
    • IsMute
    • Volume
    • Delay
  • Add VideoProperties to VlcControl :
    • Size
    • Scale
  • Correction : Error on retrieving Vlc version
  • Correction: Change Vlc function "libvlc_set_exit_handler" to be only available with Vlc 1.2

May 09, 2011:

May 06 2011:

  • The new version will be available next Monday!!!

April 19 2011:

  • Hi everybody, I've got a very good news... After few month of works on different projects, I'm resuming the VideoLan DotNet project. And the most great news is that the new Wpf, and also the winform, control work very well. But be patient...
  • Changes since last version :
    • Rewrite source (yet another time :-) 
    • Bug correction of AccessViolationexception on Winform 
    • Bug correction of "MDA Warning" 
    • Remove password of assembly signing key 
    • Why not a In-memory snapshot 
    • Compatibility with all verion of videolan >= 1.1.0  
    • Enable to define the libvlc.dll / libvlccore.dll and plugins directories. They could be on differents locations and also stay in the default vlc directory. 
    • Enable overlay for WPF control
  • If you have any suggestions, I could put them in the future version. I think I'll put my current dev. version in the beginning of May, so I'll need some people to test this version when I put it on codeplex.

Don't worry, be happy for the next version :) 


  • I am looking for helper to develop with me, so if you would like to participate, send patches or join me.
  • I'm looking for a logo for Vlc.DotNet, so if you have some time to create one, send me it.

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